Services and Vehicles

Kushimoto Taxi provides extensive services and full lineup of vehicles.
We are undertaking operations of school and community buses. See the details of the community bus here.

SERVICETable of Services

  • Nursing Taxi

    We provide physical care services (shopping and transport to hospital), daily life support services (house cleaning, washing, etc.) and assistance for vehicle boarding.

    Details of services
    Drivers having a certificate for qualified helper will also assist your outing.
    • Physical care service: Shopping and transport to hospital
    • Daily life service: Assistance for house cleaning, washing, etc.
    • Boarding service: Aid for vehicle boarding
    * To apply for the nursing insurance, a care plan prepared by the care manager is required. Consult with your care manager.
    Lineup of vehicles
    A driver and a caregiver will accompany your outing.
    • 2 vehicle with a wheelchair for nursing
    The driver with a certificate for qualified helper will assist car boarding. Boarding with a wheelchair is possible.
    (An assistant can accompany).
  • Errand Taxi

    Details of Service
    What is an errand taxi? We can help you in the following occasions:
    • Shopping for you.
    • Receiving medicine at the hospital or pharmacy.
    • Applying patient registration card.
    • Handling dead batteries.
    • Replacing lamps and moving furniture.

List of vehicles

Measures for COVID-19
As measure for COVID-19, all the vehicles are disinfected and equipped with a plasma cluster ion sterilizer.


  • Hired cars with a chauffeur
    (Toyota Gran Ace)
  • Hired cars with a chauffeur
    (Toyota Alphard)
  • Hired cars with a chauffeur
    (Toyota Crown Royal Saloon)
  • Ordinary taxi: (Toyota Prius) up to 4 passengers
  • Ordinary taxi: (Toyota Sienta) up to 4 passengers
  • Jumbo taxi: up to 9 passengers
  • Vehicle for wheelchair (for nursing care)

【Number of vehicles】
Ordinary taxi: 9 (Prius 5, Crown Comfort 2, Sienta 2)
Ordinary taxi (for wheelchair): 2 (Fun Cargo 1, Sienta 1)
Ordinary taxi (executive chauffeured car): 1 (Crown Royal Saloon)
Jumbo taxi (9 passengers): 2 (Hi Ace Grand Cabin)
Jumbo taxi (executive chauffeured car): 2 (Toyota Gran Ace 1, Toyota Alphard 1)
Total 16 vehicles

Chartered bus

We are taking measures in accordance with the infection control measure guideline of the Nihon Bus Association. In addition, all buses are equipped with an ozone sterilizer/deodorizer for anti-bacteria and anti-virus measures.

Buses are equipped with an ozone sterilizer/deodorizer for the measure of COVID-19.

Ozon sterilization completion marks are posted.

  • Small busMitsubishi Fuso Aero Midy MJ
    up to 25 (+2 auxiliary seats)
    Equipped with
    Karaoke, video and refrigerator
  • Micro-busToyota Coaster
    up to 22 (+6 auxiliary seats)
  • Mini-busToyota Hi Ace Commuter
    up to 13 (not auxiliary seats)

【Number of vehicles】
Small sightseeing bus: 1 (Aero Midy MJ with TV, DVD, 25 passengers)
Micro-bus: 2 (Coaster, 28 passengers including aux. seats and Rosa, 25 passengers with aux seats.
Mini-bus: 1 (Hi Ace Commuter, 13 passengers)
Total: 4 vehicles