For sightseeing and business in Kushimoto, Shirahama, Nachi Katsuura and Kumano.

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Car allocations and pickup services for business use “Reservation of “Convenient” chartered micro-bus

Recommended CoursesRecommended sightseeing courses

  • Nanki Kushimoto for the first time Enjoy sightseeing

    In Nanki Kushimoto, must-visit places are Underwater park, Shionomisaki -- southernmost cape in the main island, Oshima island and Hashiguiiwa rocks. You can fully enjoy your first trip to Nanki Kushimoto.

  • Nanki Kumano GeoPark
    Tour to the strangely-shaped rocks in Kozagawa Gorge

    You can enjoy the Hashiguiiwa rocks that is certified as a geosite in the Nanki Kumano Geo Park. The tour will visit Musikui rock, Peony rock and Monolith rock.

  • 5-hour Shirahama Tour

    The tour will take you to picturesque places in Nanki Shirahama. The Sandanbeki Rock Cliff -- a gigantic rock cliff that extends 2 km (1.25 miles) north-south. You can enjoy the dynamic nature of the black current that rushes to the cliff.

  • Kumano Sanzan Tour

    The Kumano Honmiya Shrine, Kumano Hayatama Shrine and Kumano Nachi Taisha Sharine are called the Kumano Sanzan. Energetic Kumano has been respected by many people since ancient times. It is listed in the Michelin guidebook for foreign travelers as a three-star sightseeing places of “worth traveling!”

  • Nachi Katsuura Joyful Course

    You can enjoy Dorokyo tour on a waterjet cruiser, especially nice scenery of the cliff: fresh verdure in spring and yellow leaves in autumn on the magnificent cliff.

  • Enjoy the most of scenic spots in Manki, from Nachi Katsuura to Kushimoto and Shirahama.

    This is a recommended course to enjoy the most of scenic spots in Nanki area. Get power in Mt. Nachisan and visit popular scenic spots in Kushimoto and Shirahama.

Tourist’s attractions

There are a number of sightseeing places in Kushimoto, Shiraharamm, Nachi Katsuura and Kumano in Wakayama prefecture. You so many places that you can’t visit them in one or two days.

Kushimoto, Wakayama prefecture is a town of the southernmost cape of the main island. Kushimoto is blessed with the sea, picturesque scenery and tasteful seafood. The main island’s southernmost cape Shionomisaki, Kushimoto Spar, beautiful Hashikuiiwa Rocks, Kushimoto Underwater Park and Kindai Pacific Bluefin Tuna are must-visit places among others. In Nachi Katsuura and Kumano, the world heritage Kumano Kodo and Nachi Falls are most recommended spots. Kumano has been worshiped since ancient times as a sacred place for pilgrimage. In Katsura, you can enjoy the great nature such as the tuna market, Kino Matsushima island tour on a pleasure cruiser or sea kayak.
Kushimoto Taxi’s sightseeing taxis guarantee that you can enjoy your tip to the fullest.

For Business UseCar allocations and pickup services for business use

We will provide services for business, too.

Kushimoto Taxi Company provides services for business including car allocations, customer pickup services and driving to the destination. High-grade car allocations are possible such as executive chauffeured cars using Crown Royal Saloon and jumbo taxis (Grand Ace, Alphard).

Kushimoto Rocket Range Inspection Course
We pick you up at Nanki-Shirahama Airport and send you to the Kushimoto Rocket Range. An executive chauffeured car is possible. Use our transport services for your inspection tour to the rocket range.
Duration: About 1.5 hours from Nanki-Shirahama Airport to Kushimoto Rocket Range.

Why Kushimoto Taxi?

Guided by knowledgeable local drivers
Experienced local drivers who are knowledgeable in the region will guide you to the sightseeing spots and provide useful local information in detail. So, even if you visit Wakayama for the first time, you can enjoy your visit a lot.
Pick up by an executive chauffeured car
High-grade hired cars with a chauffeur are available. You can enjoy more luxurious trips that a taxi cannot offer.
Enjoy your private space and time
We can provide you with a private space and time that is not possible by train, bus or rent-a-car. This is one of the advantages of our sightseeing taxi. We are committed to provide better services and valued information so that you can enjoy your trips to the fullest.

Available Vehicles

  • Hired cars with a chauffeur (vehicle: Toyota Crown Royal Saloon)
  • Ordinary taxi(vehicle: Toyota Sienta)
  • Hired cars with a chauffeur (vehicle: Gran Ace)
  • Vehicle for wheelchair
    (for persons in need of nursing care)

Total 16 vehicles:
9 ordinary taxis, two taxis (with wheelchair), one taxi (executive chauffeured car),
2 Jumbo taxis (9 passengers) and 2 Jumbo taxi (hired car with chauffeur).

【Chartered buses】
Total 4 buses:
One small sightseeing bus, two microbuses and one mini-bus.

Event Calendar in Kushimoto-cho

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